Happy Buddha


SeatedBuddhaGandhara2ndCentury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For 3-4 hours each week, instead of focusing on my breath, my body, or staying in the present, I focus on punching a statute of a smirking Buddha.

I have no idea how this (slightly perverse) desire developed other than one morning I came to class late, and ended up face to face (so to speak) for a 75 minute class with this Buddha statue. His self satisfied expression seemed to judge my flow (or lackthereof), his (yes I realize it’s a statute) expression seemed almost morph into one of glee when I almost wiped out doing a crow pose, and he just looked so damn happy.

If you hadn’t guessed, yoga is not my happy place. Crossfit is my happy place, the gym is my happy place, deep cleaning my house is a happy place, actually almost anywhere but a yoga studio is my happy place. Yet, as much as I dread  class, and as much as I want to wipe that self-satisfied smirk off the statute’s face, I keep going back.

I go back because I love the challenge yoga presents, I love the clothes (Lulu Love), and I love the result I feel after every practice. I go because I’m allowed to do yoga along with my normal workouts–and not get in trouble for “two a day workouts…” And if we’re completely serious, I keep returning because plotting the Buddha statute’s demise gives me as much “zen” or joy as others might get from the practice itself.

So here’s to me finding some sort of zen that allows me to embody the statute instead of becoming mildly enraged every time I see him.