For what it’s worth.

Is it worth it?

That question has been running through my mind, like a song I can’t shake. The past ten weeks have been about transforming my lifestyle…eating pretty strict paleo, working out at least twice a day (one of those times being crossfit), and focusing on myself. As of right now, there is no end in sight.

I’m Exhausted. I’m Beat Up. I’m emotionally, mentally, and physically drained. I have callouses on my hands, bruises all over my body, rope burns, whip marks from jump ropes, and at least one new pull, strain, or sprain every few days.

I almost had a meltdown at Starbucks because they don’t serve almond or coconut milk. My workout schedule and meal prep lists would put Bob Harper to shame. My trainers/coaches deserve some sort of medal for the texts and emails they’ve responded to regarding “can I eat this…?” “what should I do for my second or third workout today…?” “how do I turn on a George Foreman?” “is grey or ketel is more paleo…?”

So…is it worth it? Is it worth the time, the effort, the energy? The little bit I tried to describe above? But then I realized I was looking at this all wrong…the better question to ask myself:

Am I worth it?”

Without hesitation, I can answer that question in the affirmative. I’m more focused, motivated, and fit than I’ve ever been. I’ve come to embrace crossfit as my lifestyle–not a quick fix. I haven’t stepped on a scale in 10 weeks, but instead focus on, and celebrate my accomplishments–whether they be lifting heavier, improving my time in a WOD, or dropping a clothing size…or two.

So maybe it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it every day…but I know that I’m worth it every day, and that knowledge makes all the difference.


2 thoughts on “For what it’s worth.

  1. Yay I’m so happy to see you blogging again! But how you work out more than once a day is SO beyond me. I’m lucky if I work out once a day, you know? #getitgirl

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